Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Winner of This Weeks Competition

Names were put into a hat and drawn this evening by my 7 year old daughter and the winner of this weeks competition to win the Vintage Style Necklace Watch is..........(DRAMATIC MUSIC)................. Rhian Kilpatrick. Thank you for entering Rhian and we hope you love your prize....we think it's gorgeous.

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Gillian x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Paw Print Jewellery

What a manic week I have had so far...I have hardly had time to touch the jewellery this week :-(but will share a necklace that I made a couple of weeks ago for one of my customers at the end of this blog.

School's Out

I have two children Georgie, aged 7 and Summer, aged 5. Now I don't know about you but when the girls were due to break up from school for the summer hols I must admit I had a feeling of fear running through my body.........wondering what the hell I would do to entertain them for the next six weeks but honestly WE HAVEN'T STOPPED!! So far we have been to a friends house for tea, walk to the park, trip to St Fagins with friends, Newton bay with family, swimming (I hate swimming too), and Cardiff shopping + ALL 7 HARRY POTTER films were watched in just 4 days (children old enough to watch them now so had to play catch up in order to watch the last one in the cinema)..... HONESTLY I'm pooped not to mention all Harry Pottered out!!.
I'm trying to think of cheap but nice places to take them over the next few weeks so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;-)

Tomorrow we will be making chocolate chip & hazlenut cookies (pictures & recipe will be uploaded) and then if I'm not too exhausted we will be camping on the weekend (if the weather is nice)


A couple of weeks ago I commissioned a paw print necklace for a lovely lady in Beddau who wanted it for her daughters 21st Birthday. When I arrived at the house to take the paw print I met Kenya an 8 week old Husky who I instantly fell in love with......... he was gorgeous so I thought I would share both the finished piece and the pup with you in this blog!!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

First Time Blogger x x x

Hi There and heellloo. I am so pleased you decided to give my blog a read (BIG SMILEY FACE). In future blogs I will sharing all sorts of secrets with you from jewellery making tips, jewellery projects to my day to day antics. There will be no secrets!!

A little background for my first blog I think.......My name is Gillian (as you probably have already guessed) and I love making jewellery, so much so that in 2010 after my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer (and after me torturing the doctor for a few months becasue I thought I had the same...turns out I was parnoid BUT can you blame me!!)  I decided life was to short so give up a well paid full time job to chase what I enjoyed doing. Honestly it was and still is harder than I had imagined but am so much happier for doing so and it's beginning to make me a living too which always helps!!!

Thankfully my sister has beat the breast cancer and is well and fit ...which is AMAZING because she is not only my extra special sister but my bestest friend in the whole world. 

I had been making and playing about with jewellery for a few years before giving up my job but it was only as a hobby. Now I make fingerprint jewellery, and fashion jewellery and also supply other brands such as Tales From The Earth, Dew, and Fashion Jewellery. With the new addition of Children's jewellery from Jo in the next couple of weeks.

I have a website and an ebay store so please feel free to take a look and any suggestions on improving my site would be welcome x x

In future blogs I will be sharing some jewellery making tips and projects with you.

This is a picure of my sister and me. I'm the one with very RED hair :-(  I haven't always had red hair mind (usually blonde) but had a mad five minutes where I thought it would be a good idea t g red.........OMG I regret it now and am planning on going back blond soon but need for the redness to die down a little does goes quite well with my theme though don't it?

Thanks for taking a look at my blog and don't forget to visit again for jewellery making tips and projects.